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Factors To Bear In Mind When Building Smartphone Apps

In developing smartphone apps, one must bear in mind a number of things.

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Factors To Consider

As with many things concerning technology, it is quite easy to get overwhelmed when going through the many brands, names and even features of hoverboards.

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Trading of collector’s items between two collectors – like signed sports memorabilia, for example

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Know How to Begin with Slideshows in Vivavideo 

Undoubtedly, video editing is one of the most amazing and convenient features that we now have on our mobile phones. Earlier, it was something that only professionals could do with paid software, however as we are now moving forward towards a digitally advanced world, we all have various applications such as vivavideo, which is totally compatible with the android devices and is easy to download and install. However, with so many default features, themes and styles it can sometimes get you overwhelmed and tangled up. So, want to know how to use the app and create a flashback of all your amazing memories within minutes? Here is the full guide!

Making slideshow of pictures through Vivavideo- step by step!

The app is compatibly designed keeping the needs of android users in mind. It has got powerful capabilities to not just let you create and edit a video, but also to put its great effects in every picture and make it a perfect highlight of the whole video. Here are some of the major steps that you must need to know before you start using Vivavideo.

  • Go on the Android phone’s play store and download Vivavideo from there. If you don’t have an account, you may have to set up one first so that you can use the amazing features of the application right within minutes.
  • Now, open the application and checkout how it works. You will see a screen where you can capture a video, edit one, take selfies, and even try out the slideshow option.
  • So, go on and select the option of slideshow. You can now begin selecting the pictures that you want to edit either one by one or all at once.
  • You can easily choose the pictures from various folders or from the gallery, or the ones that are added or updated recently.
  • There are various options that you have within the app. Most of the times, the pictures are settled in the timeline here and there. You can easily shift them in the order that you want them to appear in. you can select all the pictures and apply the same FX on them, or choose one by one every picture and them transform it according to the required exposure, brightness, contrast, saturation etc.
  • You can add themes, change the default duration of every picture appearing and even edit them as and when you like.

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Data Storage Priorities; What You Need To Know

Businesses all over the world operate by some given priorities when setting up different business operations.

In data storage, this is certainly true. But then some of these priorities may be in violation of set regulatory requirements, making it inevitable for you to make a serious review of your priorities.

In Australia, a policy known as the Privacy Amendments Act features many Australian Privacy Principles (APP) which businesses have to abide by just as it is done in other business-related issues. These legal data must be followed .

If your business has a turnover of $3.5 million or not annually, then you have to be well informed on the APPs or risk facing serious penalties.

Sometimes these penalties may come in fines of $1.7 million for every infringement.

Maybe it is time to stop thinking of more storage capacity, whether it is for your personal use or your business, and consider other options beyond the aspects of storage capacity.

What you need is security. If there is no security then information storage in your organization will be compromised.

That will be bad for business, especially if the information is highly sensitive. Which is why you need a platform with strong encryption of data to protect the integrity of your operations.

As the case might be, LTO tapes like HP LTO 5 are made for just this. They are equipped with high level encryption capabilities for optimum security.

 Through them you get to see data offline, shielding the valuable information from systematic attacks.

You should also know that efficiency in storage of data matters very much.

That means if you discover that the cost of setting up and maintaining your storage system is taking too much, you will definitely have to consider other options.

As regards this, a great number of organizations that make use of the LTO based data storage system have reported meaningful cost savings in the maintenance of the systems.

 In doing business, this is one very beneficial factor, in as much as no single data storage option is best for every data.

In storage of data, you would want to consider the type of data it is you want to store and options the storage system you maintain offers.

 Is it data that you want to store for an extended period of time or one that you want to be able to get at again and again?

If it is data stored mainly for backup, LTO provides that unique platform.

In order to have many options for the storage of your data, it will help with security if you store on different platforms.

 Your LTO storage platform can be further backed up using cloud storage. That will be like providing backup for your backup.

And in the case of data storage, this might be an edge over other business ventures. If somehow your data gets missing or compromised on one platform, you can easily hip on to the next without a disastrous interference in the running of your business operations.

Factors To Bear In Mind When Building Smartphone Apps

In developing smartphone apps, one must bear in mind a number of things.

One should know that there is a different approach in doing so than in developing apps for traditional desktop and laptop PCs. I have listed some factors which I have gone to great lengths to explain.

Fragmentation Of Devices

As I said earlier, one must use a different approach in designing apps for smartphones which is not the same as that used in designing apps for desktop and laptop PCs. This is because desktops and laptops are mostly window-based, they have standard screen size and share similar features.

The same cannot be said of mobiles with main platforms (Android, iOS, Windows and Blackberry)  continually evolving.

One must choose which device to build from first, the technology option, the capabilities the phone should support and outline a long-term roadmap.

In addition, one should think of the progression from device to device, and also know that these platforms will continue to evolve.

Public Acceptance

This is an important factor to consider as an app without public acceptance will bring poor market or no market at all.

You have to make the app user friendly so clients will be guaranteed that even with little learning time, they can get the app to do what they require.

Have As Little Intricacy As Possible

You don’t want people complaining about how they do not understand what your app is all about, how it works, how to get it working and all that.

So ensure you do not overburden the app and concentrating on a particular objective will be an advantage.

You have to realize you are not creating an app for yourself alone but for others, even an old man thousands of miles away who might have trouble coping with the complexities. So keep it simple.

Screen Size

Seeing as you are not designing an app for desktops or laptops which has a screen size much bigger than those of mobile phones, it is important that you keep your thoughts simple and approach navigation from a new viewpoint.

You may reduce options and ensure that you focus on the main feature.

Input Method

Whereas the input method for laptops and desktops involve a variety of activities, like the use of mouse, joystick, keyboard and sometimes touch, smart phones require only one input method: touch.

Everything you do has to be done with touch and it is important that your app captures all these.

The touch input also involves many interactions, like the double tap, single tap, long touch, fling and move. Your app should be made to understand each touch.

Relatability With Phone Functions

Different functions of smart phones can be exploited in creating your app. So be imaginative. For example, smartphones can be integrated with GPS which helps in location based services.

The Uber and Taxify apps have exploited this almost to the fullest. The apps track drivers with their phones.

Available CPU/Memory

Mobile devices have smaller memory capacity than laptops and desktops. The computing power is also lower. In building your app, you need to take this into consideration, so you don’t create an app that freezes in phones.